Collection: Current Batch

July 12, 2024- 11:59pm (Mountain Time)

All of our products are always available to order, but the products below are our spotlighted specials as part of our current batch.

For the 100-Free Matte Mini's Promotion:
When you have ANY 5 sticker designs in your cart,
add 100 pieces of 1.5" Matte Finish stickers to your order.
They will be discounted to FREE at checkout!

What is our "Current Batch?"

By grouping sticker orders into scheduled batches, we're able to reduce production costs and pass those savings along to you, our customers. This allows us to offer most of our stickers for less than the competition, with our standard stickers often priced around 50% of other sticker sites.

Orders placed by July 12, 2024 at 11:59pm (mountain time) are targeted to ship approximately 7-8 weeks from this date (Aug 30 - Sep 6), before for the following conventions:

  • EuroFURence (Note: will not likely arrive to destinations outside the USA before EF - Message us to discuss LIMITED availability of delivery AT EF.)
  • Furry Takeover
  • Western PA Furry Weekend
  • Alamo City Furry Invasion
  • Biggest Little Fur Con

Don't see what you're looking for? Or do you need your stickers sooner? Select our Private Batch* option on any of our premium stickers, and your order can begin processing within 72 hours.

*Private Batch: When selected, if your order contains 500+ total pieces of each product (same material, size, finish), it will begin processing within 72 hours of placing your order. 

Orders with less than 500 total pieces per product will process with other Private Batch orders when there are enough to fulfill the 500 total-piece minimum per product (same material, size, & finish). 

Example: The 500 total-piece minimum may be 500 pieces of the same design, or 50 each of 10 designs, so long as all 500 are the same material, size, & finish (i.e. 4-inch diamond holographic glossy).


After 7/12/2024, the next scheduled batch will process:
August 16, 2024

Orders placed in this batch should ship approximately 7-8 weeks from this date (September 27 - October 4), before the following conventions:

  • BLFC
  • AquatiFur
  • PAWCon
  • FurCation

and of course:

  • Midwest FurFest


The batches listed below have closed, and we are unable to accommodate delivery of our standard stickers prior to the associated conventions. For expedited orders of any of our premium stickers, please contact us to discuss your specific timeframe requirements.

  • 6/14/2024 - Est. Shipping 8/2/24 - 8/9/24
    (Denfur, Megaplex, T&T, Furry Migration, EuroFurence)
  • 5/5/2024 - Est. Shipping 6/21/24 - 6/28/24
    (Fur-Eh!, AWU, Brasil FurFest, Furrydelphia)
  • 4/5/2024 - Est. Shipping 5/24/24 - 5/31/24
    (Anthrocon, Fur-Eh!)
  • 3/8/2024 - Est. Deliveries 4/26/24 - 5/3/24
    (FWA, AnthrOhio, CFz, Stratosfur)
  • 1/5/2024 - Est. Deliveries 2/23/24 - 3/1/24
    (VancouFur, Fur the 'More, TFF, FE, MCFC)
  • 12/15/2023 - Est. Deliveries 2/2/24 - 2/9/24
    (Nordic FuzzCon)
  • 11/3/2023 - Est. Deliveries by 12/31/2023
    (ANW, JMoF, PDFC, FC, & ANE)