For image formatting tips specifically, view our Artwork Formatting page.

Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer to your question below, please reach out to us at Sales@StickerSIMPS.com, or use the form on our Contact page.
  • How are your prices so much lower than other sticker sites?
    • We print our stickers in large, scheduled batches. This allows us to reduce labor & printing costs. These savings are then passed along to you!
  • Can I order smaller quantities like 10 or 20 of a design?
    • Not at this time, sorry! The minimum order quantity per design is there to help ensure we have enough pieces in each batch to meet the quantities required to offer you such deep savings over other sticker companies.
  • Will my stickers hold up to sun, rain, & snow?
    • Yes! Your stickers are made with high quality adhesives, UV-resistant inks, and lamination films that further protect against UV rays to allow them to hold up in most environments. Keep in mind that there are always some exceptions. Any sticker will eventually break down and/or fade over time when subjected to more extreme environments. Please also note that when stickers are placed on automotive glass, the effects of your local environment are often amplified.
  • How long will it take to get my stickers after placing an order?
    • This depends on when you place your order. The current deadline and ETA for orders is published on our home page. Orders should ship approximately 7-8 weeks after each order deadline. We do all we can to expedite the process at all stages between.
  • Why is your turnaround time longer than some other sites?
    • Because we schedule our stickers to be printed as part of large batches to maximize savings to you! Instead of printing only your stickers, we have them produced as a batch with any other orders in the current batch. Patience is a virtue… …and one that can save you money!
  • My stickers are starting to curl before sticking them on anything. Why? 
    • The sticker material comes from a roll, and it develops a "memory" during storage and sticker production. This means that stickers will often want to return to this "rolled" shape. To re-flatten your stickers, you can leave a heavy object like a book on top of a stack (or several stacks) of stickers overnight. Don't worry! They won't "curl" off whatever you stick them on.
  • Will you print my NSFW artwork as stickers?
    • Absolutely! We love making all your creative concepts become a sticky reality! So long as it is drawn artwork and does not contain any actual pornographic photography. There may be a few extremely rare circumstances where we must exercise our right to decline production due to exceedingly objectionable material, but most NSFW content will be welcomed. 
  • What format should my files be for uploading?
    • Most image formats will be accepted, but those with transparent backgrounds are preferred, especially vector formats. At least 300 pixels per inch is recommended. Also, CMYK color mode is preferred over RGB, as there will be less variance in colors when printed using CMYK inks.
For more detailed information on formatting your artwork, including guides for holographic stickers, see our Artwork Formatting page.