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Sticker Storage Case

Sticker Storage Case

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Introducing our Sticker Storage Cases! These sturdy cases are made from high-quality translucent plastic and feature a convenient hinged lid. Designed specifically for protecting and carrying custom die-cut stickers, these storage cases are a must-have for any sticker enthusiast.

With multiple sizes available, you can choose the perfect case to accommodate your stickers.

  • Mini - With inside dimensions of approximately 40mm square, our Mini Size cases are specifically tailored for our 1.5" "mini" stickers. These compact cases provide secure storage for your favorite mini stickers.
  • Small - Measuring approximately 60mm square (inside dimensions), our Small size cases are just right for 2" stickers. These versatile cases offer a practical storage solution for a range of sticker sizes.
  • Standard - Our Standard size cases boast inside dimensions of approximately 80mm square, making them the perfect fit for our 3" stickers. These spacious cases ensure that your larger stickers are protected and stored neatly.

It's important to note that all our storage cases feature rounded corners for added durability and safety. Add our Sticker Storage Cases to your order and keep your valuable sticker collection organized, protected, and ready to showcase or distribute at any time. Get yours now and experience the convenience and quality that our storage cases have to offer.

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